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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Hawk

Me in my kitchen x-pen

Following big sis' Oreo around our yard
My favorite item in back: a TUNNEL!!

I'm a natural retriever
Watch out you Labs & PWDs!

Baby on the beach cliff
Did I mention I'm BRAVE?!

Puppy bowl and feet
My Mum still fantasizes about when I REALLY was a baby. I came home from Sugar Bush Farm in a kitty carrier!! Unfortunately we didn't get any photos. Aunt Amy just stuffed me right in and I kept smiling all the way home. I am very good natured... There were only two of the original 8 puppies left and Amy thought I'd be best for a Bed & Breakfast; boy was she right on! Since I couldn't do stairs Mum used to carry me under her arm up and down and all around. She misses those days since it was the best way to keep me under control!

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