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Monday, December 16, 2013


Being at the "end" of a long line of pups or u could say the "youngest", I end up with hand-me-downs. My Mum knows all about that since Aunt Shoo-Shee was older and had all the cool stuff like a poodle skirt and Mum got and hated all the used stuff which did not include the poodle skirt! 
So say no more...

Lady Bug courtesy of Cressa PWD
My Big Sis Oreo's Skunk

The Real Me!
Cap Courtesy of Cressa PWD
Outfit thanks to Matthew Yelow Lab

Friday, October 18, 2013

Photo by my friend Michael Cevoli

                                         Uh OH! 
I just realized I have started many yet to be completed drafts.
 I need to do those!! You'll like the one entitled "My Favorite Things" which include BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!
Check back soon!!
SPECIAL NEWS: I met for the first time my Mum's
nephew Zachary LeLevier Joseph on the telephone!
He's a huge dog fan and I know will adore me. He grew up in Alaska and had a wonderful Husky named Orion. Now Zach might think I'm a Husky, but I am all Border Collie! 
PROOF: I can hang out in my yard and NEVER run away and no matter where we are and my MUM calls me I haul my booty fast to her and I am SUPER FAST! Zachary and my MUM have made many journeys together in Alaska and Italy; GOOD TIMES!! Zach is getting married October 26, 2013: wish we could be there and we send our love and wish him and his wonderful bride-to-be all the happiness in the world. oxoxooxoxooxoxo 


Here I am again, always better later than not at all!
This summer I made some WONDERFUL new friends at our Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy the photos and expect more when Uncle Georg & Aunt Carolina get back to Germany to send. As you can see they LOVED me! Uncle Georg made so many funny sounds at me, wrastled with me, cuddled me and more!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ALL MY FRIENDS....... and there are many!

When Aunt Amy decided that my Forever Home should be with my MaMa, one reason she decided so was because I LOVE people more than anything & living at a B&B you've got to! Enjoy the photos of my family of friends. If I don't have a photo of you, then we need one! If you are considered my "FAMILY-FAMILY" like Auntie Shoo-Shee, MaMa Lynn, Aunt Amy and more you appear on my family page. More friends to be added soon!

Soul Mates: Me and MaMa in Wibour Woods

Handsome Uncle Rick
MaMa's best neighbor from Elfin Forest, CA

Uncle Rick & Aunt Kathleen
Boy! Do we have fun when they visit!

Uncle Rick teaching me stairs when I was a wee one
Uncle Chuck
We met at the beach when I was just 5 or 6 months old
He taught me how to swim in the ocean & now I can't be stopped
Uncle Chuck stops by to see me at least once every summer
Pretty Paula loves me
MaMa and I LOVE goats!
I have talent herding but unlike most we HATE the sheep & love the goats
They are so cute & aren't pushy like the sheep
On my 2nd birthday: Betty my first agility teacher after MaMa
My Uncle George: Isn't he cute and oh so kind!
He's special because he lets me come to see him in his office & thinks I'm the best ever, 
that is after his best pal Bond an Aussie, and because he just is SPECIAL that's all just like ME!
He's Snuggly too

Roger: we meet in Simmons Pond Preserve where Oreo & I run and sniff and swim
And Roger & his wife volunteer clearing, maintaining, building & more!
My friend at ACE Hardware
Frank's girls posing for the Yankee cover contest
John a first agility friend
Two Love Bunnies: me and Officer Sue: it's good to have a Pal on the police force!
Sheriff Hawk & Officer Sue the best cop partners ever!

Oreo my best friend forever:
It was love at first sight!
Lindsey at Boddington Plumbing
I'm about to ride her Dad's "bike"
My Aunt Jane- we are sad since she moved to Michigan
She has loads of dogs & has stayed with us at the B&B
My Aunt Paula
She is SPECIAL and not just because she cooks food for us & always bring presents and loves to brush us and hike and go to the beach (her Favorite thing to do!) and swim with us!

Bella my next door neighbor playmate
Mike my personal photographer
I love to follow him around and assist!

Phyllis and Cricket

The Corbett Pfeifers
Chas, Lily, Rich & Lisa
Sometimes I sleep over at their house in CT
My silly British friend he totally understood me!
Kathy at Canine Mastery
We LOVE each other!
One of my BESTEST friends: Shayna from Earl's garage
Ain't she pretty!
My Nanny Melissa
We adore each other!

She says I am (& Oreo too) the BEST of all her canine charges

Miss Ava from NYC
She's really Oreo's best pal
She's bossy & we always obey her!

I am GREAT with kids!

Friday, May 24, 2013


 Two weekends ago My MaMa surprised me and took me to compete in an agility trial.  We have been training mostly in our yard and have had a few lessons over the last two years, so MaMa thought "Let's see where Baby Hawk is at in his training?!" Look below and you will see! FIVE 1st places and a 2nd and a 3rd place too.

WOW! Good Boy!!
That's my serious look...
I am turning out to be a Gambling/distance dog which MaMa has trained from the start since she figures she'll never keep up with me! My hardest and third Gamblers class, the crowd went "crazy" cheering and saying how beautiful it was. If you don't know, Gamblers is an agility game with two parts. The first part, the Opening, you design your own course and accumulate as many points as possible in 30 seconds. When the whistle blows the closing called "The Joker" begins and you have 15 seconds to complete the prescribed route in order to qualify. MaMa has to stay behind a line at a certain distance and direct me over the five closing obstacles. 
Piece of cake (yum-yum)! 
The other classes were jumpers (just jumps) and Standard, all the obstacles. MaMa is VERY pleased with my weave pole entries and completion! 
She taught me with the 2 by 2 method from day one & I am HOT! (2x2 makes the dog think and be more independent). (The other more common method used is with wires: YUCK!) 
 I did have a couple melt downs on the first day; FIVE classes is a lot for a Baby. 
And so embarrassing, but I can't help it, when I had to be in my crate albeit right next to Big Sis' Oreo, I cried and howled like a baby girl! Guess I'll get better, but I just want to be with MaMa!

Me jumping at home

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot OFF the PRESS! The editors insisted my photo be included!!

Historically Speaking

The Edith Pearl’s story goes back 200 years

Hawkeye the Magnificent PHOTO BY MICHAEL CEVOLI
Surrounded by 200 acres of working farmland, Edith Pearl Bed and Breakfast is a pristine oasis in Little Compton. Owner Deborah LeLevier has worked hard to create such a beautiful setting, but she fell into inn-keeping almost on a whim. “I've traveled a lot, and I always like to stay at nice places,” she says. “I got this idea that it might be fun to open an inn, and that’s what I did. I moved here from San Diego and had it up and running in two months.”
A native of western Massachusetts, Deborah had been introduced to Little Compton by a friend whose family has had a summer home in town for more than 100 years. “I just jumped right in,” she says. “now, I’m going into my seventh season. I love doing it. I’ve had mostly amazing guests - just really nice and interesting.”
The Edith Pearl, named after Deborah’s beloved grandmother, is a pre-1830s Colonial that has been renovated with modern amenities but still exudes historic charm. “The last Quaker in Little Compton lived here, and he was a colorful person,” Deborah explains. “the town historian said that he wasn’t a very pleasant person.” The house is primarily remembered as the Johnnycake House, though. “A young woman during prohibition lived across the street, but used this as a johnnycake house, which was like a tea room, serving sandwiches and johnnycakes.”
The scenery is unforgettable at the pet-friendly inn. the grounds are filled with perennial gardens, old-growth trees, rolling lawns and plenty of places to sit down and enjoy it. Before, though, guests enjoy a hot breakfast, another piece of what Deborah calls her “one-woman show.” Repeat guests ask for her Belgian waffles, but her signature fruit salad is the star of the show. “When it’s in season, it’s always local,” she says. “I get these amazing blueberries, blackberrie and raspberries from a couple who grows them down the road, and my neighbors grow the best peaches. People just love it.” 


P.P.S. Something I forgot to tell ya...

When we went to the airport to pick up my Aunt Shoo-Shee, we got there early and waited in the automatic sliding glass breezeway. 
Suddenly we saw a cop coming towards us from inside the lobby! 
My Mum and I looked at each other and were preparing to "run for our lives"! He asked "Is this pup housebroken? I was sooo embarrassed.
Of course I was/am and was when I was 3.5 months old.
So the cop said "Well come on in out of the cold and if anyone questions you, tell them I (the nice cop) said you could!"
Of course everyone wanted to visit with me but Mum made me be "reserved" until a man came up, rassled me to the floor and loved me up!
The BIG surprise was for my Aunt Shoo-Shee who I hadn't yet met. Boy was she surprised and delighted!! 
More sooner or later... xoxoxo Hawk

Monday, January 21, 2013


To Be Fair...My Big Sis' Oreo has known
Aunt Shoo-Shee forever, well for ten years. 
They love to play chucker tennis ball at the beach even tho' she is almost blind and will be 15 on Feb. 14, but I still like to SMOOCH best! I always try to HOG all the attention away from Oreo, but she is very patient because she also ADORES me.

My Aunt Shoo-Shee

WOW! I finally met my REAL Auntie Sue!!
I call her SHOO-SHEE & we ADORE each other.
We spent most of our time together sucking face!
My MaMa bought Shoo-Shee a sweatshirt many years ago 
(and she still has it!) that "says":
"J'embrasse mon Chien sur la Bouche"
So I guess I'm not her first, but boy is she good and tasty!
This year for her birthday we got her an Uncle
Roosevelt sweatshirt.  My MaMa has made Aunt Shoo-Shee my Godmother since we fell so deeply in love at first sight. She lives in Colorado near a GREAT dog park with lots of swimming ponds and river and acres to run on. She loves dogs and cats too and is very kind. I hope to post a photo of my new Cousin Jake a black cat who also likes to watch tv!!  I hope I get to visit her soon.
Love at first sight...