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Friday, May 24, 2013


 Two weekends ago My MaMa surprised me and took me to compete in an agility trial.  We have been training mostly in our yard and have had a few lessons over the last two years, so MaMa thought "Let's see where Baby Hawk is at in his training?!" Look below and you will see! FIVE 1st places and a 2nd and a 3rd place too.

WOW! Good Boy!!
That's my serious look...
I am turning out to be a Gambling/distance dog which MaMa has trained from the start since she figures she'll never keep up with me! My hardest and third Gamblers class, the crowd went "crazy" cheering and saying how beautiful it was. If you don't know, Gamblers is an agility game with two parts. The first part, the Opening, you design your own course and accumulate as many points as possible in 30 seconds. When the whistle blows the closing called "The Joker" begins and you have 15 seconds to complete the prescribed route in order to qualify. MaMa has to stay behind a line at a certain distance and direct me over the five closing obstacles. 
Piece of cake (yum-yum)! 
The other classes were jumpers (just jumps) and Standard, all the obstacles. MaMa is VERY pleased with my weave pole entries and completion! 
She taught me with the 2 by 2 method from day one & I am HOT! (2x2 makes the dog think and be more independent). (The other more common method used is with wires: YUCK!) 
 I did have a couple melt downs on the first day; FIVE classes is a lot for a Baby. 
And so embarrassing, but I can't help it, when I had to be in my crate albeit right next to Big Sis' Oreo, I cried and howled like a baby girl! Guess I'll get better, but I just want to be with MaMa!

Me jumping at home

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