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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot OFF the PRESS! The editors insisted my photo be included!!

Historically Speaking

The Edith Pearl’s story goes back 200 years

Hawkeye the Magnificent PHOTO BY MICHAEL CEVOLI
Surrounded by 200 acres of working farmland, Edith Pearl Bed and Breakfast is a pristine oasis in Little Compton. Owner Deborah LeLevier has worked hard to create such a beautiful setting, but she fell into inn-keeping almost on a whim. “I've traveled a lot, and I always like to stay at nice places,” she says. “I got this idea that it might be fun to open an inn, and that’s what I did. I moved here from San Diego and had it up and running in two months.”
A native of western Massachusetts, Deborah had been introduced to Little Compton by a friend whose family has had a summer home in town for more than 100 years. “I just jumped right in,” she says. “now, I’m going into my seventh season. I love doing it. I’ve had mostly amazing guests - just really nice and interesting.”
The Edith Pearl, named after Deborah’s beloved grandmother, is a pre-1830s Colonial that has been renovated with modern amenities but still exudes historic charm. “The last Quaker in Little Compton lived here, and he was a colorful person,” Deborah explains. “the town historian said that he wasn’t a very pleasant person.” The house is primarily remembered as the Johnnycake House, though. “A young woman during prohibition lived across the street, but used this as a johnnycake house, which was like a tea room, serving sandwiches and johnnycakes.”
The scenery is unforgettable at the pet-friendly inn. the grounds are filled with perennial gardens, old-growth trees, rolling lawns and plenty of places to sit down and enjoy it. Before, though, guests enjoy a hot breakfast, another piece of what Deborah calls her “one-woman show.” Repeat guests ask for her Belgian waffles, but her signature fruit salad is the star of the show. “When it’s in season, it’s always local,” she says. “I get these amazing blueberries, blackberrie and raspberries from a couple who grows them down the road, and my neighbors grow the best peaches. People just love it.” 


P.P.S. Something I forgot to tell ya...

When we went to the airport to pick up my Aunt Shoo-Shee, we got there early and waited in the automatic sliding glass breezeway. 
Suddenly we saw a cop coming towards us from inside the lobby! 
My Mum and I looked at each other and were preparing to "run for our lives"! He asked "Is this pup housebroken? I was sooo embarrassed.
Of course I was/am and was when I was 3.5 months old.
So the cop said "Well come on in out of the cold and if anyone questions you, tell them I (the nice cop) said you could!"
Of course everyone wanted to visit with me but Mum made me be "reserved" until a man came up, rassled me to the floor and loved me up!
The BIG surprise was for my Aunt Shoo-Shee who I hadn't yet met. Boy was she surprised and delighted!! 
More sooner or later... xoxoxo Hawk