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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Big Sis Oreo turned 13 on February 14! CLICK on the PHOTOS to make them BIGGER!!

Baby me and BIG Sis: Love at first sight!!
 I think it's about time you meet OREO!  It was love at first sight for us. The second picture is us doing the same thing at the beach: what a team. Then it's Oreo doing what she likes best: retrieving tennis balls from the ocean all year round.
 Then there is her FAN CLUB! 
Everyone loves Oreo since she is beautiful, very calm and well-mannered inside the house, but is a wild gal when she does agility and will play with anyone. Her fan clubs are generally packs of little girls. When Oreo arrives at the beach in summertime
little girls come running from all over, screaming "OREO!" They all want to control the Chuck-it and command her about; she always complies. Riley is the head of one girl "gang". They don't like me much so Mum takes me away for Mommie & Me time like climbing, swimming, tugging. Then there is the always fabulous Ava from NY, NY. WOW! Is she bossy; see the next photo. We do whatever she commands and boy does she command. Oreo always gives the ball up right away for Ava (better than for our Mum). She really doesn't want to play with me, but she can "put me in my place" and wasn't afraid the first time I met her when I was ping-ponging above her head. Although her parents have loftier plans for little Ava (she's 5), she wants to be a dogwalker in New York City. Ava has her own dog now, a rescue (just like me and Oreo) French Bulldog named Stella, but Ava still wants to play with Oreo. There is much more to tell about Oreo soon.

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