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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today is my FIRST Birthday!

Just a little guy, today I am tipping the scales at 45.5 !

But here I am a year ago, the smallest and the first born in the Border Collie Garden of Ivy and Peat.
Today of course we went to the beach and to my first boutique doggie store: the
shop-keeper said I was very well behaved.

I also met many new people which I love to do!

Happy Birthday to all my litter mates: Dahlia, Dru, Moss, Leelah Bean, Keifer, Caber and Denali.
Let me out!

 OOPS! That's actually little sis Dahlia biting Blossom's nose! Nice girls (not).

That's me right in the center with the eye-patch and head dot just chillin'...

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  1. I am pretty sure that is Dahlia biting Blossom's nose. I think you are on the far left with the streak going to you right ear. ;-)