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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ALL MY FRIENDS....... and there are many!

When Aunt Amy decided that my Forever Home should be with my MaMa, one reason she decided so was because I LOVE people more than anything & living at a B&B you've got to! Enjoy the photos of my family of friends. If I don't have a photo of you, then we need one! If you are considered my "FAMILY-FAMILY" like Auntie Shoo-Shee, MaMa Lynn, Aunt Amy and more you appear on my family page. More friends to be added soon!

Soul Mates: Me and MaMa in Wibour Woods

Handsome Uncle Rick
MaMa's best neighbor from Elfin Forest, CA

Uncle Rick & Aunt Kathleen
Boy! Do we have fun when they visit!

Uncle Rick teaching me stairs when I was a wee one
Uncle Chuck
We met at the beach when I was just 5 or 6 months old
He taught me how to swim in the ocean & now I can't be stopped
Uncle Chuck stops by to see me at least once every summer
Pretty Paula loves me
MaMa and I LOVE goats!
I have talent herding but unlike most we HATE the sheep & love the goats
They are so cute & aren't pushy like the sheep
On my 2nd birthday: Betty my first agility teacher after MaMa
My Uncle George: Isn't he cute and oh so kind!
He's special because he lets me come to see him in his office & thinks I'm the best ever, 
that is after his best pal Bond an Aussie, and because he just is SPECIAL that's all just like ME!
He's Snuggly too

Roger: we meet in Simmons Pond Preserve where Oreo & I run and sniff and swim
And Roger & his wife volunteer clearing, maintaining, building & more!
My friend at ACE Hardware
Frank's girls posing for the Yankee cover contest
John a first agility friend
Two Love Bunnies: me and Officer Sue: it's good to have a Pal on the police force!
Sheriff Hawk & Officer Sue the best cop partners ever!

Oreo my best friend forever:
It was love at first sight!
Lindsey at Boddington Plumbing
I'm about to ride her Dad's "bike"
My Aunt Jane- we are sad since she moved to Michigan
She has loads of dogs & has stayed with us at the B&B
My Aunt Paula
She is SPECIAL and not just because she cooks food for us & always bring presents and loves to brush us and hike and go to the beach (her Favorite thing to do!) and swim with us!

Bella my next door neighbor playmate
Mike my personal photographer
I love to follow him around and assist!

Phyllis and Cricket

The Corbett Pfeifers
Chas, Lily, Rich & Lisa
Sometimes I sleep over at their house in CT
My silly British friend he totally understood me!
Kathy at Canine Mastery
We LOVE each other!
One of my BESTEST friends: Shayna from Earl's garage
Ain't she pretty!
My Nanny Melissa
We adore each other!

She says I am (& Oreo too) the BEST of all her canine charges

Miss Ava from NYC
She's really Oreo's best pal
She's bossy & we always obey her!

I am GREAT with kids!

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