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Friday, October 18, 2013

Photo by my friend Michael Cevoli

                                         Uh OH! 
I just realized I have started many yet to be completed drafts.
 I need to do those!! You'll like the one entitled "My Favorite Things" which include BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!
Check back soon!!
SPECIAL NEWS: I met for the first time my Mum's
nephew Zachary LeLevier Joseph on the telephone!
He's a huge dog fan and I know will adore me. He grew up in Alaska and had a wonderful Husky named Orion. Now Zach might think I'm a Husky, but I am all Border Collie! 
PROOF: I can hang out in my yard and NEVER run away and no matter where we are and my MUM calls me I haul my booty fast to her and I am SUPER FAST! Zachary and my MUM have made many journeys together in Alaska and Italy; GOOD TIMES!! Zach is getting married October 26, 2013: wish we could be there and we send our love and wish him and his wonderful bride-to-be all the happiness in the world. oxoxooxoxooxoxo 


Here I am again, always better later than not at all!
This summer I made some WONDERFUL new friends at our Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy the photos and expect more when Uncle Georg & Aunt Carolina get back to Germany to send. As you can see they LOVED me! Uncle Georg made so many funny sounds at me, wrastled with me, cuddled me and more!