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Monday, January 21, 2013


To Be Fair...My Big Sis' Oreo has known
Aunt Shoo-Shee forever, well for ten years. 
They love to play chucker tennis ball at the beach even tho' she is almost blind and will be 15 on Feb. 14, but I still like to SMOOCH best! I always try to HOG all the attention away from Oreo, but she is very patient because she also ADORES me.

My Aunt Shoo-Shee

WOW! I finally met my REAL Auntie Sue!!
I call her SHOO-SHEE & we ADORE each other.
We spent most of our time together sucking face!
My MaMa bought Shoo-Shee a sweatshirt many years ago 
(and she still has it!) that "says":
"J'embrasse mon Chien sur la Bouche"
So I guess I'm not her first, but boy is she good and tasty!
This year for her birthday we got her an Uncle
Roosevelt sweatshirt.  My MaMa has made Aunt Shoo-Shee my Godmother since we fell so deeply in love at first sight. She lives in Colorado near a GREAT dog park with lots of swimming ponds and river and acres to run on. She loves dogs and cats too and is very kind. I hope to post a photo of my new Cousin Jake a black cat who also likes to watch tv!!  I hope I get to visit her soon.
Love at first sight...