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Friday, October 18, 2013

Photo by my friend Michael Cevoli

                                         Uh OH! 
I just realized I have started many yet to be completed drafts.
 I need to do those!! You'll like the one entitled "My Favorite Things" which include BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!
Check back soon!!
SPECIAL NEWS: I met for the first time my Mum's
nephew Zachary LeLevier Joseph on the telephone!
He's a huge dog fan and I know will adore me. He grew up in Alaska and had a wonderful Husky named Orion. Now Zach might think I'm a Husky, but I am all Border Collie! 
PROOF: I can hang out in my yard and NEVER run away and no matter where we are and my MUM calls me I haul my booty fast to her and I am SUPER FAST! Zachary and my MUM have made many journeys together in Alaska and Italy; GOOD TIMES!! Zach is getting married October 26, 2013: wish we could be there and we send our love and wish him and his wonderful bride-to-be all the happiness in the world. oxoxooxoxooxoxo 

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  1. Hey, I couldn’t find an email on your page, but really want to ask you a question about your dogs. Can you email me?